DRTC Trading Company provides a wide range of high-value-add warehousing services to fit the specific requirements of even the most challenging products in terms of storage, handling, flows, regulatory compliances, safety and security.

Whether your preference is for dedicated or shared-user facilities, DRTC will identify the optimal footprint and design a configuration that best suits your supply chain. Our expansive warehouses have flexible capacity to receive and manage your goods, with racked and bulk storage, hanging, boxed and shelving solutions, cross-docking and more.

Our cutting-edge IT systems provide you with end-to-end trace-ability of product flows for responsive inventory management and real-time decision-making.

We handle all the necessary paperwork to import your goods. This includes the customs duty, tax rates, government trade regulations, and quarantine permissions. All goods must be classified according to customs regulations and relevant permits must be obtained from the importer. We also ensure that all duties and taxes are paid on your behalf in order to speed processing through customs.

Our clients trust us with a great deal of proprietary information in the course of our working relationship. We’ve worked hard to earn that trust over the years. Every job is registered in the company system before processing.

International freight forwarding is often a balancing act between time, cost and environmental concerns. That’s one of the reasons companies choose DRTC Trading Company for cost effective, smooth delivery of their cargo. Like them, you can be confident that our strategic alliances around the globe give you the flexibility to choose from a range of air and ocean freight service options.